Eurocargo is robust, dynamic and modern.The new front with its imposing grille features the EUROCARGO and IVECO logos with plenty of space between them to let you add your own company logo.The new design plastic bumper is available in standard dark grey or optionally finished to match the cab body.A standard dark grey metal bumper is also available for mixed road and site use and is standard on 4×4 models.The cab sides have also been redesigned.The sleeper cab incorporates storage compartments on both sides, accessible from inside and outside via electrically operated access hatches. Both compartments are illuminated and offer a total capacity of 260 litres. Cab access is facilitated by generous handles and non-slip steps. Front bumper steps provide access to the windscreen for cleaning.Eurocargo trucks champion the cause of visibility by offering generous windows and a total of six mirrors:two main rear-view mirrors, two wide angle mirrors, one kerbside mirror and a front view mirror.The new cab also offers important functional benefits.The redesigned front features a new grille for improved engine cooling and also achieves greater aerodynamic efficiency, meaning less noise and reduced fuel consumption.The front panel and the bumper are both made frominjection moulded plastic, offering significant advantages in terms of weight and ease of recycling compared to conventional technology. Anti-fouling corner deflectors deviate the air flow away from the vehicle to keep windows and door handles cleaner.